Hello all, my name is Steve Wann and I am the owner of Fugu Custom Rods. I am an electrical engineer with a master’s degree in systems analysis and I am proud to say I have been supporting the US military (Navy and Marines) since 2009. I am also extremely proud to say I am a married family man with two amazing kids.

That said, my personal hobbies in life have always brought me outside, especially camping, hunting and fishing. Over the years I have been presented with some spectacular opportunities, like working for the Discovery Channel on a reality fishing show,  which have really cemented my love and appreciation for all things fishing.

Building custom fishing rods has been a hobby of mine for many years, but in 2017 I decided to legitimize that hobby and start a business. The goal of my company is to provide anglers with the most beautiful, effective, and state of the art fishing rods possible. Customers should be confident that when a fishing rod leaves my shop it will do nothing short of wow you and be considered not only a functional custom fishing rod, but a piece of art and family heirloom.